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Airstream Renovations
of Phoenix


Airstream Renovations

Full Service Restoration, Remodeling and Repairs

Airstreams4rent has been renovating vintage Airstream trailers and motorhomes for years, and then renting them to the public. We are now offering those services to the public. Bring your own Airstream in for service or we will help you locate and purchase an Airstream.

Folks were always asking to buy the Airstreams in our rental fleet. We would politely decline. It just wouldn't be fair to the line of people waiting to rent them. So we would offer to help them find an Airstream and restore it to meet their vision. We kept the Airstreams in our rental fleet as original as possible in order to offer our rental guests a trip back in time.

Yet some want their Airstream to be much more sleek and modern. An that is fine, it is their trailer after all. We offer pre-purchase inspections, pricing & negotiation advice, recovery service (getting the trailer back home), and restoration advice and services. We still offer our polishing service too.

We are happy to bring our experience to your project. Please email us or give us a call at (480) 788-4849 so we can chat about it.




John and Wendy would like to welcome you to Airstream Renovations of Phoenix. It is a wholy owned subsidiary of Airstreams4rent. We started Airstreams4rent when we found no one was renting Airstream trailers. We began by purchasing vintage Airstram trailers and restoring them to close to their original condition and then renting them to folks wanting to fulfil their Airstream dreams.

When both Airstram dealers in Arizona quit selling new Airstreams during the Great Recession, we began getting calls from folks wanting to buy a new Airstream. We would give them the bad news and tell them about renting an Airstream and how we had started restoring vintage Airstreams for folks who wanted their own Airstream.

We not only found a demand for Airstream restoration, but for repairs too. Well we have gotten very good at maintaining our own Airstreams, so now we help fix your Airstream too.

And when someone is ready to take the step to owning their own Airstream, we are more than happy to help make the experience fun. Email or give us a call at (480) 788-4849 and we will start the search for your special Airstream.


We look forward to meeting you,





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